Welcome to the new website of the Dry Bean Producers' Organisation

Welkom by die nuwe webwerf van die Droëbone Produsente Organisasie
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Bean Producers’ Organisation (DPO)

The Dry Bean Producers’ Organisation (DPO) is a commodity organisation acting in the interests of the dry bean industry as a whole.

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Beanex is an electronic trading platform for beans acting as a reliable brokerage in the interest of both dry bean producers and buyers.

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Dry Bean Seed

Dry Bean Seed produces high quality disease-free certified and certified seed for the DPO. Red Specled and Small White beans are the main types.

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Plantovita tests dry bean seed and seed potatoes at their fully equipped laboratory complex at Zeekoegat north of Pretoria.

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Coen Bezuidenhout-Saadtoetssentrum

CBS is a property company of the DPO owning two plots at Zeekoegat north of Pretoria, housing an office block, laboratory, processing plant and storage.

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Cropcell is a research development company capable of handling diverse research projects within agriculture.

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The Dry Bean Producers’ Organisation (DPO) was established at a congress on 11 August 1993 in Potchefstroom at a time when the deregulation of agriculture took place on a large scale. The DPO was the first farmers' organisation to be established when the marketing boards were abolished.
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